Shri. “Jeevananda Maharshi” known as “Guruji” founded the “Amrutha Sanjeevani TFL” Charitable trust. The main aim of this trust is to spread global wellness and Healthy life to people all over the world through TFL programs. TFL Foundation aims to provide a real contribution to the preservation of the ancient and deep knowledge of India. It provides a conducive environment for people of any nationality or religion to study and meditate on a Spiritual Health Programme called Amrutha Sanjeevani “TFL” (Tension Free Life).

Amrutha Sanjeevani Kriyas (techniques) are developed by Sri. “Jeevananda Maharshi” by a systematic process of continuous meditation for past 21 years. These kriyas are the blessings of Guruji. These kriyas work on, the psychological & physical condition of a human being. It’s a process of rejuvenation, Persons belong to any age or physical condition can feel the improvement after a period of practice. “Amrutha Sanjeevani TFL” teaches the technique of going beyond consciousness. This is going beyond yoga, going beyond all teachings. It teaches you how to attain insight, how to attain seeing, how to attain vision.