Hypnotism or study of mind can be traced back to the very beginning of human evolution. Hypnotism which was buried deep in superstition was brought to the realm of science only in the last half a century. Practicing Hypnotism in a simple way can rejuvenate the hidden abilities of the human mind which will gradually benefit each human being by bringing amazing changes to one’s life.

By practicing Hypnotism one can overcome inefficiencies, shortcomings, and weaknesses, will help one to quit smoking and drinking habits. We can attain self- realization through the practice of Hypnotism. It will be of great help if parents who want to provide good education to their wards, practice the basics of Hypnotism. Hypnotism helps children to improve their memory, concentration and helps them to succeed in life.

Studying Hypnotism will benefit doctors who practice either Ayurveda or Allopathy immensely. Lawyers and Teachers can make their speeches more effective and impressive if they learn Hypnotism. Sportspersons, Artists and those in the field of literature can motivate themselves by practicing self Hypnotic suggestion. Politicians and Orators can get rid of their tiredness and improve their speeches by studying Hypnotism

After 3 months course of Hypnotism, you can achieve a face as calm and peaceful as the bed of the blue ocean. Your eyes will sparkle with confidence. Your strides will be bold and steady. You become a person with an active body and energetic mind capable of encountering any challenges and succeed in all walks of life. Hence I warmly welcome you to the 3 months Hypnotic correspondence course.